Hard Truth is a bitter pill

Posted on: September 5, 2012

I find myself literally facing some hard truths about myself, of which I always tried to avoid and forget. I think more often than not, I always forgets. Human nature or just plain laziness?

And on an off-chance, I typed “Hard Truths” and found this blog, “Five Hard Truths You Need To Accept“. Interestingly, I find all of them, hard to accept yet. And I am still stuck in #1: Your problems are your own, no one else’s. (quote from the said site).

Anything I find hard to accept, I cause it to happened. Stress was man-made. Me. I did it! I can’t freaking accept it! I can rant all I want and I am still liable for it. So what?

This “so what?” attitude is also bad. Things that happened around myself. It is directly or indirectly still relates to me. Never say “So what!” Things happened for a reason. Nothing random. And I know of something, the dominoes effect or the ripples effect. One thing will always lead to another.

What hard truths I cannot accept? I can’t accept that I am so forgetful, I can’t remember, I can’t hear, I can’t … It is all about ME. Why? The world doesn’t revolve around me. Why can’t I accept that and just move on forward? Milk is already spilled, time to wipe it all up and get a new one. Better said than doing though. The act of moving after the spill is a very heavy step to take.

It seems that I am still screaming in my little microscopic world. Who is listening? No one.

I will work it out. I will. This I promise myself.


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